what's your booking & cancellation policy?

we require a 20% deposit to secure your date.
we will hold your date for two weeks while you organise payment.
final payments are not due until two weeks before the event.
our 20% deposit is non-refundable within 180 days of your event.
final balances are non-refundable within two weeks of your event.

do you outsource your editing?

this is a big NO!
we keep EVERYTHING in house, including all editing and communications.
what you see & hear, is all Caitlin & Brayden from start to finish.
we believe you invest in us, not strangers!

how many hours of coverage are included?

we don't like to set hours in stone.
however, a full day is usually a maximum of ten hours, and a partial day is usually a maximum of seven hours.
anything exceeding twelve hours on a full day will require additional coverage.

how long after our event will we receive our films / photos?

depending on the season, you will receive your full galleries within 8-20 weeks post event.
we are perfectionists, and don't want to rush your heirlooms.
but you will receive a sneak peek photo gallery 7 days after your event to relive the initial excitement!

are you always able to fly your drone? what happens if not?

no, not always. we are registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, & are currently operating our drone in the "sub 2kg" category.
this means we are unable to fly our drone inside active or restricted airspaces without a specially approved remote pilot license.
in cases of bad weather or other unsafe conditions, we are also unable to fly our drone.
this is why drone footage is currently a complimentary feature of our packages.
if your heart is set on drone footage but your venue is inside a restricted airspace, let's organise a catch up!
we can meet somewhere drone friendly and film some 'engagement footage' to incorporate into your films.

can we request song(s) for our films?

we totally understand the sentimental value of music. however, most songs are protected by Copyright laws.
we have a subscription with an amazing online library called Music Bed - feel free to check them out!
if you have chosen an extended or additional film, the original audio recorded at your event will be in the full compilations.

will there be 2 videographers if we book both services?

if you book both services, Caitlin will be your lead photographer & Brayden will be your lead videographer (whilst always assisting each other).
however, shooting a 90 minute extended film requires 2 videographers at all times. in this instance, we will hire our assistant at no additional cost to you.
if you book film as a standalone service, both Caitlin & Brayden will be your videographers on the day.
at all times, both Caitlin & Brayden will be your filmmakers in post production.

can we customise the elopement package?

please note that the elopement package is for elopements only!
but, let's say you aren't really having a reception or party after your elopement...
you can switch the reception coverage for preparation coverage!
or, you can remove the reception / preparation coverage completely (this option is for destinations only).

can we mix & match our photo + film packages?

yes you can! for example, you can book a collection film package, and a highlight photo package.

we live far away / want a destination wedding. what are your travel fees?

we love travelling & want you to have your dream experience!
we offer 2 hours of complimentary travel - however beyond this, our travel charges are $50 / hour + $150 for accommodation (if applicable).
flights (if applicable) will also be additional, however we may be able to supplement some of those costs.
engagement photoshoots can also be organised at destinations upon enquiry.