Tasmania is a small island underneath the mainland of Australia - a treacherous stretch of water called the Bass Strait divides it. After our original plan of catching the ferry with our campervan was cancelled, we jumped in a plane from Sydney to Launceston. From here, we picked up a car and headed to the first destination of our two week road trip.

cradle mountain.

After driving the winding road up to Cradle Mountain National Park, we checked into our cosy accommodation to rest for our upcoming adventures.

We rose for sunrise the next morning, and were greeted with the most tranquil views of Dove Lake. We listened to the birds and explored the old boat shed.

Next, we took on the gruelling hike to the base of Barn Bluff. This route took us past beautiful Crater Lake, and gave us a closer view of the summit of Cradle Mountain.

Gustav Weindorfer's cabin.

port arthur.

Next, we were off to the east coast. After a brief visit in the historic city of Hobart, we booked a shabby chic beach shack in Port Arthur. Our plan was to hike the epic coast lines, and perhaps see the Aurora Australis (the Southern Lights). As it was the middle of summer, this was unfortunately a fail for us.

However, the coastlines did not disappoint! We chose the day hike to Cape Hauy, and were stunned with the sheer drop clips of up to 200m. The water deep below us was so stunningly clear and blue, we could see the bottom of the ocean.

Port Arthur also pleasantly surprised us with white sand beaches, colourful wildlife, and lavendar fields.

bay of fires.

The Bay of Fires is a conservation area famous for its red rock coastlines and white sand beaches. It feels quiet and rural, with only the sleepy beach town of Binalong Bay nearby.

We relaxed on the white sand, and wished we had our campervan with us (the van life in this area was definitely vibrant)! We even ventured to find the secret "Lone Tree", which was perched precariously amongst the rocks.