throughout all of the weddings we have done over the years, one of the most common hardships people come into is locking down a timeline.

We completely understand, having been married ourselves, we know how many moving parts there are on the day, each deserving the time they need.

We aim to reduce the stress and guide you through this to make sure your day goes as you envisioned it.

The more planning you do in the lead up, the easier it will be to sit back on your day and not stress about a thing.

ready to begin?

it starts at sunset...

work backwards...

we find it is actually easier to work backwards with your wedding timeline.

once you know the rough sunset time for your venue or location you can piece the day together in reverse.

Say for example the sun is setting at 7.30pm, chances are you're going to want some nice sunset wedding photo's?

Plan in 15-30 min to duck away from your reception with the photographer/videographer.

Once you have this jotted down we can begin to piece it together...

sit back and relax...


Ok, so we have 8pm penciled in as a 'conclude sunset photo's'. Lets get back to the party!

Working back from this event the biggest event to happen is your entrance to the reception, entree's and some speeches.

The best run weddings we've seen usually run about an hour to an hour and a half between the entrance and the sunset photo's/main meals.

for example, enter at 6pm, be seated and relax. Have a few drinks and whilst the entree's are being served let 2 speeches run.

This is heavily dependant on how many people you'll have speaking. But, ideally it would go

6pm - entrance

6.15 - 7.15 - entrees & speeches

7.30-8pm - sunset photos

8-8.30 - speeches

ready to begin?